Tetra X2T 1/18 Scale Crawler RTR 4WD Off-road Vehicle, Yellow/White

Tetra X2T 1/18 Scale Crawler RTR 4WD Off-road Vehicle, Yellow/White

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  • Key Features

    Approximate Assembly Time: No assembly required
    Batteries: 700mAh 2-cell Li-ion 
    Motor Type: Brushed
    Charger: USB Charger
    Chassis Structure / Material: Steel Ladder Frame with Nylon Composite Crossmembers
    Size/Scale: 1:18
    Suspension: Solid Axle 4-Link
    Water-Resistant: Yes
    Shock Type: 55mm Oil filled type, Half-Alloy
    Transmission: 3 speed electronic switch, Remote Shifting
    Hub counterweight block: Yes, 4 weight blocks installed
  • Overview

    Customers looking for a quality crawler in the 1:18 segment have struggled to find one with a reasonable price and truly RTR.  Until now the market has offered either a very poor quality toy-level one, or too expensive and complicated to start with. Not everyone wants to spend time to build, paint and trim their crawler, but they are looking for an easy to carry size vehicle which is already built and has the same chassis design and functionality as bigger vehicles. Additional features such as the realistic scale like body, alloy oil filled shock absorbers, lights, hub weight blocks, 3 speed electronic transmission and great crawling performance mean it can be used at home, at the office or outside and offer tons of enjoyment. 

  • Unique Selling Points

    1. Jam packed with high performance features normally only found on 1/10 or larger vehicles, for a sub $120 price point

    2. Several functions appear for the first time in 1:18 scale - controllable lights, alloy oil damper, weights block, USB charger... 

    3. Realistic looking scale body style

  • Target Consumer

    1. Beginners who want to start their crawler career with a quality vehicle, not a toy

    2. Experienced crawler owners looking for a smaller vehicle that offers the features they are used to in larger crawlers, to use in a smaller space

  • Vehicle Specifications

    Approximate Assembly Time: No assembly required - true RTR
    Battery: 700mAh 2-cell Li-ion w/JST connector (included)
    Body: Scale, painted
    Motor Size: 180 51T reverse rotation
    Motor Type: Brushed
    Charger: USB Charger
    Chassis Structure / Material: Steel Ladder Frame with Nylon Composite Crossmembers
    Drive System: Shaft Driven 4WD
    Completion Level: Ready-To-Run
    Differential: Locked
    Radio: 2.4GHz
    Steering servo: Included
    Size/Scale: 1:18
    Speed Control: Included - fully proportional forward & reverse
    Suspension: Solid Axle 4-Link
    Vehicle Type: 4WD "Scale" Rock Crawler
    Water-Resistant: Yes
    Wheel Type: Black Molded
    Shock Type: 55mm(2.16 in) Oil filled, partial alloy (4)
    Brake Type: Electronic
    Transmission: 3 speed electronic switch, Remote Shifting
    Lights: Front & Rear LED (controllable)
    Steering: 9g servo
    Approach Angle: 60°
    Departure Angle: 55°
    Breakover Angle: 44°
    Max climb angle:  50°                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
    Max tilt angle:  45°
    Axle articulation:  25°
    Front Track: 119mm (4.68 in)
    Rear Track: 119mm (4.68 in)
    Ground clearance: 44mm capable: (1.73")
    Ground clearance at standard ride: height 40mm: (1.57")
    Axle ground clearance: 21mm: (0.83")
    Height: 132mm (5.20 in)
    Length: 255mm (10.00 in)
    Width: 120mm (4.72 in)
    Wheelbase: 150mm (5.90 in)
    Front Shock Length: 55mm (2.16 inches)
    Rear Shock Length: 55mm (2.16 inches)
    Front Wheels: 25.4 x 15mm (1 x 0.6 inches)
    Rear Wheels: 25.4 x 15mm (1 x 0.6 inches)
    Front Tires: 54x 21mm (2.13 x  0.83 inches)
    Rear Tires: 54x 21mm (2.13 x  0.83 inches)
    Wheel Hex Size: 7mm
    Battery Tray: 48 L x 30 W x 22mm H
    Weight Blocks weight: 46g(1.62oz)
    Running weight:  456g (1lbs)
    Weight without battery:  428g (0.94lbs)
    Body Weight with lights:  80g (2.82oz)
    Pinion: 12T
    Spur Gear: 24T
    Transmission: 3-speed H-M-L, Remote Shifting
    Drivetrain ratio: 35.5:1
    Axle gearing:  2:1