1/18 Tetra18 K1 6X6  RTR Scale Mini Crawler, maroon

1/18 Tetra18 K1 6X6 RTR Scale Mini Crawler, maroon

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The 1:18 Tetra entered the RC scene in September of 2019. With a stealth-like entrance, there were no expectations from consumers except for what they saw – amazing value for an array of features seldom seen in RC, especially in a 1:18 platform. The first visual impressions fostered huge intrigue and just a few days of transit time and a quick charge of the battery, consumers were ranting and raving about the performance and the overall fun factor. The continued success of the platform over the past year led to a new effort by coming up with something with more capability and a little twist but still incorporate 90% of all the same parts making for an easy sell to existing customers. We introduce to you the 1:18 Tetra 6x6 in X and K Series trims and available in a total of 6 different color options.